Meeting the ongoing daily operational demands can be challenging. This module provides a fundamental framework which enables a structured and organised approach, everything from birthdays and appointments to organisational goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), human resource management, auditing requirements and reporting.


    It is essential that resident information is accessible, accurate and constructive, facilitating an effective and concise communication tool. NOVA is designed to streamline clinical entries, avoid unnecessary entry duplications and subsequent inconsistencies.  Our unique assessment process means that you generate individualised and meaningful care plans as you go.


    An effective way of replacing the “GP folder” or “Diary”, avoid confidentiality concerns and duplication of requests. The GP module allows all requests, appointments and comments to be written directly in the residents notes – avoiding duplication and providing documentation evidence. Easy to use and locate so nothing is missed.


    HIQA quarterly and annual reports, in addition to internal KPI auditing are essential tools in monitoring and analysing the quality care and services. NOVA Report Module streamlines auditing and report writing by filtering relevant information and processing it into a meaningful, secure and concise report ready for distribution.


    NOVA  Human Resource Management System provides an interactive HR framework aimed at improving efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements. This system provides effortless structure and organisation to roster management, allocation, staff leave, duty requests and training. This module has a unique staff performance management and education component, allowing each staff member’s entries and reassessments  to be filtered and reviewed in isolation.

NOVA e-Nursing System



As a chef, I get details on specific diet requirements when there is a new admission. Kitchen assistant use, 'Menu for tomorrow' section in the touch care to go around to residents and record their menu choices. When a menu added to the system, system will provide me with micro nutrient information and  i am with nutritionist, its very easy to review the nutritional value of the food items being served to our resident. Since we implemented the system,  we don't have to have to write the daily menu but instead, a TV dashboard connected with system, auto populate the menu into a TV dashboard screen. I have used few other system in my previous job but none of the system has any of this features so i highly recommend eNursing.

Jim O Brien

I am using the system for last 4+ years in our 48 bedded nursing home. As an HR manager eNursing has all tools to make my life lots easier. I am using the system to standardise the interview process by setting interview template. eNursing has a complete HR package like staff review, training matrix, staff folder to manage all files, notification on dues like training, Garda Vetting, visa, etc. Most important its an easy to use system. I highly recommend eNursing.

Jennifer O’Connell

HR manager
Nova e- Nursing an excellent and unique system, which easily adaptable to any age group and also has additional features like clock-card, nutrition and stock management . Precisely it is an amazing system .As a Nursing Manager sincerely I recommend this system and wish all the best wishes for Nova e- Nursing.

Anna Joseph

PIC, Assisi House Nursing Home
We have been using the platform for last 4+ year, comparing with system I used in my previous job, I found e-Nursing, user friendly and easy to learn. Excellent customer support and fast response on all query no matter its a new feature or question around the flow. Excellent....

Sheena Varghese

I am using this system for the last 4 years. it is very user friendly and complete and passed many HIQA inspections without any problem. Customer support is one of the best attributes of Nova's Enursing team. The support is readily available and they are eager to make the system centre specific without affecting the standard. Another key feature of this Nursing record system is its visual appeal compared to similar product in the market.
Abin Joseph
Director of Nirsing
Cramers Court Nursing Home

Abin Joseph

Administrator Cramers Court Nursing Home Cork

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